Shihab MianMultimedia Creative/Creative Coder

as an extension of my (2023)

[Processing, iDraw 2.0, Micron, Gelly Roll]

Randomly generated fragments of notable Bengali poems are translated to English and overlaid with a juxtaposing generative asemic language. This fabricated language takes cues from modern written Bengali, and is cut off randomly amidst the printing process. Leaving the completion of the asemic lettering at the behest of the pen plotter path, this creates unique prints almost impossible to be repeated perfectly.

The angels must have their share too.

Exhibited at Swash & Serif 7
Northern Contemporary Gallery, Toronto

Photographed by Carri Chen & Chara Ho

Various Works (2023 - ???)

[Processing, TouchDesigner, iDraw 2.0, Micron Pens, Gelly Roll Pens]

Generative prints usually coded in Processing (sometimes TD), printed on an iDraw 2.0 with various pens.

Really just trying to have fun and not be too trivial and in the weeds about output. Creating is so much fun when you don’t have any fuck ass rules.