Shihab MianMultimedia Creative/Creative Coder

Team Liquid Brand Refresh (2023-2024)


I was able to participate in Team Liquid’s brand refresh. As a part of a collaborative effort, I was able to suggest conceptual themes of connecting Team Liquid’s identity to the idea of flowing water and it’s glass-like transparency. Further connecting that to the tides of the earth, moon phases, and the passage of time. All subtle aspects that have made their way visually into our brand identity going into 2023 and further.

Team Liquid Dota 2 Banner + Fountain Tile (2023)

[Digital In-Game Assets]

Team Liquid looked to update their in-game DOTA2 banner that is visible on the map whenever the team plays in tournaments. As a big DOTA2 fan, I jumped at the oppurtunity to create assets that will exist in a game that has brought me so much good memories. Leveraging our 2023 brand theme we we’re able to deliver a exciting but recognizable look to long-time esports fans as a backdrop for one of Team Liquid’s most competitive rosters.