Shihab MianMultimedia Creative/Creative Coder

Wisp (2021)

[Processing, Shiftr, Raspberry Pi]

"Your words will be sent into our macrocosm on wisps of wind. Carried along to their destination, their arrival dictated by a singular force of nature.”

Wisp is an exploration of instant messaging and its ability to transmute the emotionality of our communications. Two CRT monitors sit a distance away from each other, perched on their respective plinths. Geographically pinpointed wind data inform the speed of the message, impacting the time in which the message reaches from one monitor to the other. This deprecated program affords us the ability to give our words the gift of spontaneity, leaving the dispatch and arrival of messages at the mercy of a ubiquitous natural force.

Feel free to click here and experience past messages sent through Wisp.

Connective Tissue by []tobreathe
Gallery 1313, Toronto

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