Shihab MianMultimedia Creative/Creative Coder

Shihab Mian 

Multimedia Creative/Creative Coder
About sections are hard. I don’t like writing about myself...

I like to do a lot of things. Right now graphic & motion design is taking up my time professionally. I’m having even more fun creating generative art, installation media and audioreactive visuals.

I’m amazed & interested in our ever-networked world and how that augments (sometimes fragments) human relationships and emotions. Always thinking about and exploring soft internet cultures of yesterday and the preservation of those values on our present internet.

Generally striving to be kind and make those closest to me know how much I love them :’)

Multimedia creative & creative coder specializing in softwares such as the Adobe suite & TouchDesigner, adept in coding languages like Processing, JavaScript, p5, SQL, PHP, etc.

Always open to discussing new oppurtunies, hit me up :)